The Epic Path

"The Epic Path" is a collection of acclaimed Stories and Articles created and written by Fer Rivero.
Only those stories which can elevate your life to the next level appear here.

Become an Ecosystem within a box — The Power of Progression.

If humans place you in a box, let your soul create an ecosystem within that space.

The Traits of a Perfect Partner — Learning the Science of Love

This topic will always be the hardest to write about, but let’s take on the challenge. I believe loves defies all science and moves beyond our soul, mind and bodies. In fact, it is probably one of the few things in life which can align the three of them and create a unique bond

Planning vs Taking Action — The Tale of the Healing Waters.

An old man walked into a small village placed upon an elevated hill in the mountains. The place had been abandoned many years before due to the lack of resources that the mountain could provide...

The Two Paths in Life — The Tale of the Two Trains

Have you ever stopped to wonder… Why do a few people have their life filled with abundance as if the road ahead of them was paved with perfect materials while others are drowning in theirs or finding rocks, holes and unfortunate events constantly?

When Something Is For You… A Life-Changing Poem to Choose Right.

What to choose? Am I doing the right thing? Is this thing or person for me? We all have many signs telling us what’s best for us, but how can we actually see and understand them?

Epicity over AutoPilot, is never late to become your best self

The past pandemic brought about a lot of changes in our lives. From how we work to how we socialize, it seems like everything has been affected. One thing that has also been impacted is our sense of purpose and direction.

There Is Always One Last Move To Play — The “Checkmate” Painting

The Story of the Professional Chess Player staring at the Painting might make you reconsider life.

How I Earned +30.000$ on Fiverr as a Side Income

Upon quitting my extremely safe job in Hong Kong, I felt the deep crisis the Pandemic was going to bring into my life. No more working in person, no more having a safe income. I prepared my savings from 4 years working full time there and decided to move to Portugal amid the first half year of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Keep learning, growing and certifying

In today's world, it's more important than ever to keep learning and acquiring at least some digital certifications, learn a new language and have connections. What about getting better jobs, higher salaries, and escaping the 9-5 schedule?

100 Life-Changing Advice From People Over 100 Years Old — Part 1

Have you ever wondered what hitting your 100 years old feel like? We always hear about life advice from 80 years old, but… what about those who become centenary?

Galeorithm Agency: The Best Music Marketing Agency for you

In the highly competitive music world, marketing is an indispensable element for success. Even the most talented artists may never reach the high levels of visibility they deserve without a marketing plan to guide them.