How I Earned +30.000$ on Fiverr as a Side Income

How it Began…

Upon quitting my extremely safe job in Hong Kong, I felt the deep crisis the Pandemic was going to bring into my life. No more working in person, no more having a safe income. I prepared my savings from 4 years working full time there and decided to move to Portugal amid the first half year of the COVID-19 pandemic.

I knew only one thing, I was switching careers to be a Marketer full-time, and there was no looking back.

I had my Fiverr Store opened for almost three years before this moment, in fact, I used many times to deliver mini-services such as Music Promotion or Marketing Consulting, but… it was just a side income which would barely bring 100$ per month to my bank account.

During the pandemic, I decided to further develop a system, which became an algorithm now known as “Galeo”, the ‘’Manual” Algorithm which uses data from those on Social Media to find those eager to buy your services.

As I began offering his services on Fiverr, my company quickly gained a reputation for our expertise in Digital Marketing, Growth Hacking, and Social Media, especially applied to Freelancers and Musicians. Within a few months, there were over 200 reviews and I was swimming in orders.

“I asked my mom to call me twice a day and ask me if I have eaten anything.”

TheFive on Fiverr

My friends remember perfectly how it went from having tons of time to play together online to them basically telling me to go to bed and sleep because they knew I wasn’t even aware of the time.

Some days I had 20 new orders that I was delivering in less than 72 hours.

This is when delegating to others became a necessity for me, I was having migraines from looking at my computer full day.

I made a few deals with other marketers, which had a simple skill I could do but would take me too much time and started handling only the project management, delivery and my algorithm, which kept bringing people in.

A year passed by…

As a marketer, I had already been helping businesses succeed online for years, but it was one or two at a time, but the pandemic presented a new set of challenges and opportunities that forced me to think outside the box.

My Reviews were 99% of the time incredible, people were thrilled to work with me, and those who kept repeating ended up becoming full-time clients within Fiverr, some of them even passed to be clients once I decided to slow the store down.

I quickly built up a strong reputation on the platform and became one of the top sellers, being recommended by many artists and freelancers to their close circles.

My reviews were always something similar to:

He is always responsive to clients’ needs, and he went above and beyond to ensure that each project was completed to the highest standard.

Another factor contributing to my Fiverr success was my willingness to offer a wide range of services. Whether a client needed help with SEO, social media marketing, or consulting and strategy, I was there for them.

Two years passed by, and I had worked with over 800 different people, I remembered their names, kept checking on them regularly, and made them part of the Galeorithm Agency family and even though Fiverr is now just 5% of what it was during Covid, it brought over 30.000$ in Revenue which made me (and my team) pretty happy and confident about our choices during that crisis.

Some final thoughts:

Hopefully, this story is a powerful reminder of the opportunities that exist in the digital age. By leveraging your skills and expertise on a platform like Fiverr, you can create a significant source of income to help you in moments of uncertainty as it did with me.

With the right mindset and approach, anyone can succeed in a digital marketplace — but please, remember to eat and sleep when things start to grow quickly.